As Nuria Sánchez Madrid (Univ. Complutense of Madrid) and me launched this journal, we did not know how much time it would be on. Yet Con-textos Kantianos begins with issue 11 its sixth year of life and the editorial team wishes to celebrate this birthday thanking the trust that our contributors put during this time on CTK contents.

This issue contain ten articles, putting together papers written in Spanish, English and German by authors from Argentina, Austria, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Russian Federation and Turkey. The issue also contains a Dossier with five papers from outstanding Finnish Kant scholars, which counted on the colleagues Milla Vaha (Univ. of Fiji Islands), Hemmo Laiho (Univ. of Turku) and Markus Nikkarla (Univ. of Turku) as guest editors. The goal of this special section has been to give a complete overview of the Kantian research currently made in Finland.

CTK 11 brings also forward the Discussion “Kant’s Practical Philosophy”, with Luis Placencia (Univ. de Chile) as guest editor. The section puts together some of the papers discussed at the 2019 IVth CTK Meeting held in Santiago de Chile, after the one held in Bogotá, Madrid y México. These Meetings belong to the academic initiatives led by our journal, as the CTK E-Books Digital Library and the Kantian Network RIKEPS. All of them confirm the energies that CTK has been able to gather in last six years.

Section Kant’s Texts contains this time an excerpt of the correspondence between Schelling, Hegel and Hölderlin related to Kant, translated into Portuguese by Fernando Silva (CFUL, Lisbon). The group of book reviews aims at giving account of recent Kant-related publications in the different publishing languages of our journal.


Roberto R. Aramayo

Hendaye, May 2020

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