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International Journal of Philosophy

N.o 9, Junio 2019, p. 6 ISSN: 2386-7655

CTK 9 Editorial Note

The journal CTK will complete soon five years of life, since the issue 0 was released in November 2014. We aim to retrieve for that ephemerid sections as Kant’s Texts, Interviews and Conversations, which it is difficult to produce for every issue of this periodical. CTK 9 offers sixteen articles (one in French, two in Italian, four in Spanish and nine in English). The section Notes and Discussions contains five papers in Spanish on the subject “Kant, non-Conceptualism and the Judgments of Taste”. The issue closes with six reviews.

The many initiatives stemming from this publishing project go further with good rhythm, as show the CTK International Meetings, whose fourth edition will be held very soon in Mexico hosted by Efraín Lazos and Julia Muñoz, within the framework of the Fifth Iberoamerican Philosophy Congress. The previous CTK International Meetings were held in Bogota (Columbia), Madrid (Spain) and Santiago de Chile (Chile), respectively organized by Catalina González at Los Andes University, Roberto R. Aramayo and Nuria Sánchez Madrid at the Institut of Philosophy of CSIC, Pablo Oyarzun, Luis Eduardo Molina and Luis Placencia at University of Chile. Another key endeavour tied to CTK is the launch of RIKEPS (https://kantrikeps.es), the Iberoamerican Network “Kant: Ethics, Politics and Society”, coordinated by Nuria Sánchez Madrid (Dpt. Philosophy and Society, UCM), whose First Congress will be held the next 26th-28th November 2019 at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University Complutense of Madrid.

Moreover, the Digital Library of Kantian Studies (CTK E-Books), keeps enlarging the volumes of its three series. Soon will be added a new series, called Aetas Kantiana, which is expected to enrich the three already available: Dialectica Kantiana, Hermeneutica Kantiana y Translatio Kantiana: https://ctkebooks.net.

Roberto R. Aramayo Editor-in-Chief

June 2019


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