A Guide to Kant’s Treatment of Grace

Pablo Muchnik, Lawrence Pasternack


This Guide is designed to restore the theological background that informs Kant’s treatment of grace in Religion to its rightful place. This background is essential not only to understand the nature of Kant’s overall project in this book, namely, to determine the “association” or “union” between Christianity (as a historical faith) and rational religion, but also to dispel the impression of “internal contradictions” and “conundrums” that contemporary interpreters associate with Kant’s treatment of grace and moral regeneration. That impression, we argue, is the result of entrenched interpretative habits that can be traced back to Karl Barth’s reading of the text. Once we realize that such a reading rests on a mistake, much of the anxiety and confusion that plague current discussions on these issues can be put to rest. 

Palabras clave

Grace; sanctifying; justification; original sin; total depravity; conundrum; Augustine; Calvin; Luther; Pietism

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.1095821

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